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......@@ -616,3 +616,36 @@ Example:
function: "lambda v: _color.gradient(v['C'] / v['D'] - 1, _color.RdYlGn)"
function: "lambda v: 'Num %d' % v['index']"
# Development
To set up the development environment, clone this repo. Then run:
pip uninstall pptgen
pip install -e .
Create a branch for local development using `git checkout -b <branch>`.
Test your changes by running `make clean tests`.
Commit your branch and send a merge request.
## Release
When releasing a new version of pptgen:
1. Check [build errors](
2. Run `make clean tests` on Python 2.7 and on 3.x
3. Update version number in `pptgen/release.json`
4. Push `dev` branch to the server. Ensure that there are no build errors.
5. Merge with master, create an annotated tag and push the code:
git checkout master
git merge dev
git tag -a v1.x.x # Annotate with a one-line summary of features
git push --follow-tags
git checkout dev # Switch back to dev
6. Release to PyPi
python sdist bdist_wheel --universal
twine upload dist/*
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