Commit c0621873 authored by Sanjay Yadav's avatar Sanjay Yadav

ENH: Enhancements in treemap box default color.

parent 37ec6966
Pipeline #33238 passed with stage
in 1 minute and 9 seconds
......@@ -577,10 +577,10 @@ def treemap(shape, spec, data):
if l == 0:
shp = shapes.add_shape(
MSO_SHAPE.RECTANGLE, x + x0, y + y0, w, h)
rect_color = default_rect_color
if spec.get('color'):
rect_color = spec['color'](v) if callable(spec['color']) else spec['color']
if spec.get('text'):
text = spec['text'](v) if callable(spec['text']) else spec['text']
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