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DOC: Release version 0.14.0.

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# Change log
- `0.14.0`:
- [$.formhandler](docs/ uses a `onhashchange: false` to
disable changing the URL when elements are selected. This is useful when
simply viewing tables and not drilling down.
- [$.formhandler](docs/ bugfixes: allows column names with
spaces. Clear all removes all filters.
- [$.urlfilter](docs/ supports checkboxes, inputs and forms
(but has a few known bugs)
- Interactive documentation added for [$.template](docs/ and
- [$.urlchange](docs/ documents how to listen to multiple
changes, and when the hash is reset
- `0.13.1`:
- Fixes a critical bug. Multiple g1 modules could not be loaded on the same page.
"name": "g1",
"version": "0.13.1",
"version": "0.14.0",
"description": "Gramex 1.x interaction library",
"license": "MIT",
"author": "S Anand <>",
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