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DOC: npm commands

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- `tape.js` is dynamically created using browserify to help with test cases. This is not committed
- Other test dependencies
# Release
# Set up
To set up locally, clone this repo and run:
yarn install
npm run build # Optional: build the dist/ directory
npm test # Optional: run unit tests
Here is a list of npm commands available:
npm test # Run all unit tests
npm run lint # Check for basic errors using eslint
npm run server # Start a HTTP server at the current folder for manual testing
npm run dev # Start a rollup watch that re-builds dist/ if files change
# Release
To publish a new version on npm:
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'a=del&b=toggle&c=add') // Delete ?a, Toggle ?b, add ?c, update ?d (default)
// Returns /?b=3&c=3&c=6&d=7
## Contributing
Contributions are welcome.
- Please report bug fixes on the [issues page](
- Developers may read []( to understand the file
structure and how to set this repository up
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