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DOC: Release version 0.13.0

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# Change log
- `0.13.0`:
- [$.translate](docs/ translates content using the [Gramex Translate API](
- [$.dropdown](docs/ supports objects with different names and values, by @pragnya.reddy
- [g1.types](docs/ now has a `types.min.js` that only includes `g1.types`
- [$.formhandler](docs/ bugfix: add mode shows dropdowns for when a column has pre-defined options
- [Releases]( documents mentions of g1 releases in Gramex @bhanu.k
- `0.12.0`:
- [$.template](docs/ supports virtualdom, which allows animation of templates.
- [g1.mapviewer](docs/ lets you add notes, and add/remove layers.
"name": "g1",
"version": "0.12.0",
"version": "0.13.0",
"description": "Gramex 1.x interaction library",
"license": "MIT",
"author": "S Anand <>",
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