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......@@ -22,7 +22,8 @@ The full list of options is below. Simple options can be specified as `data-` at
- `src`: [FormHandler][formhandler] URL endpoint
- `data`: Array of objects. Dataset for formhandler table. If both `src` and `data` are provided, `data` takes priority.
- `namespace`: (Optional) If the URL has `?name:key=value`, the filter
- `namespace`: (Optional) If `namespace` specified, the URL will append as `?namespace:key=value`.
When using multiple tables namespace must be specified.
`key=value` only applies to formhandlers with namespace as `name`.
Filters without a namespace like `?key=value` will apply to all formhandlers.
- `columns`: comma-separated column names to display, or a list of objects with these keys:
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